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Our Classes


Get ready for a challenging workout with GRIND, where we combine concepts like muscular strength, endurance, speed, power, and cardiovascular fitness. With ever-changing sessions, including bodyweight exercises, functional movements with equipment, and intense cardio on air bikes, ski ergs, and rowers, variety is guaranteed. This class pushes your mind and body to the limit.


Boost your cardio fitness with our intense CARDIO SWEAT workout. Push yourself to the limit as our specially designed programs target different energy pathways. With dynamic movements and circuit-style training that will involve running and the use of the ergometers, you'll unleash your full potential both physically and mentally.


Experience the exhilaration of SPIN, our indoor cycling session designed to enhance cardiovascular fitness and lower body strength. Enter our immersive, fluorescent-painted dark room and leave stress behind as you embark on a group adventure. With sprints, hill climbs, and endurance rides where you control your resistance and speed.


STRENGTH program tests various strength aspects through challenging methods and measures performance to showcase your true strength. It is an intermediate to advanced 5-6 week plan for overall body strengthening that boosts confidence in surpassing your strength limits. BASIC STRENGTH, a beginner-friendly version, offers a more low-intensity workout experience.


BOXING S&F combines boxing skills and technique improvement with overall physical fitness enhancements. You'll learn jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts, focusing on form, footwork, and defense. The class integrates cardio and strength exercises for increased endurance, agility, and strength. Perfect for beginners or experienced boxers seeking skill development and fitness enhancement.

Book A Class

Book your preferred class via MyClubfit. We allow a maximum of 16 people per class. Book before the cut-off time, 15 minutes before the scheduled start (or earlier).


Join the waitlist even if it seems full, as casual participants can book online too. Members have priority and casual bookings may be cancelled accordingly.

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